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Validation, training and testing center

The measures for the activation of professional or vocational integration are part of the services of active labour promotion within the framework of the labour market policy.

The serve the improvement of prospects of integration into the job market for people who are unemployed, threatened by unemployment or are searching for a training place. The legal provisions for this are defined in § 45 SGB III. For SGB II clients, under § 16 I SGB II i.V.m. § 45 SGB III.

People who fall into the above mentioned target group are, depending on their promotion requirements which are determined individually for each participant, promoted individually based on a modular structure of the measure via the following building blocks:

  • Assessment of suitability
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Application coaching / active application efforts and own research


Module “Aptitude Assessment”

  • Occupations, job-related working conditions as well as relevant subject-specific knowledge
  • Collection of personal and professional data
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses (incl. social competency)
  • Summary of suitability (including knowledge and skills, physical and mental resilience, ability to work in a team, oral and written knowledge of German, inclinations, etc.)
  • Objectification of self-assessment
  • Final suitability assessment through comparison with the developed profile

Module “Knowledge Transfer”

  • Provision of essential vocational information and development of basic vocational knowledge based on a detailed analysis and documentation of qualification requirements
  • Specific areas: Commercial sales, commercial English, EDP/IT

Module “Job application coaching/active application effort and self-search”

  • Creation and updating of effective application documents Guidance and support when searching for a job using print media and online job sites
  • Individual preparation for a job interview, accompanied if necessary 


Certificate number: M-01174-5035

Place of provision: Assessment, Training and Testing Centre

Duration: Individual - up to 480 lesson units or 12 weeks

Contact person: Anne Kaufmann


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